The Jungle Book - Tools and Workflows Development.

Realistic Procedural Fur-Water Interaction.

Here’s a collection of my my work on Disney’s The Jungle Book.

  • Supervising all the Houdini tasks for Creature FX for The Jungle Book and making sure all the tools functioned correctly and all the shots went on without any technical issues.
  • Most of my work on the show involved developing entire suite of Fur tools in Houdini for realistic and Procedural Fur-Water interaction.
  • Developing Force occlusion models which create realistic occlusion details for simulations. These were used extensively across the creature fx shots to achieve self-occlusion effects for fur on characters.
  • Developing wind models equipped with these occlusion models.
  • Developing wire solver tools which could then be used by the Creature FX team in Maya via Houdini Engine.
  • In addition, I was also responsible for developing and wrapping houdini digital assets which could then be used in Maya via Houdini Engine.
  • Setting up Katana template scenes for quick render tests and approvals.